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The Lead Performance Team

At The Alliance, we generate our own leads in-house. National Agents Alliance owns the entire lead process - we manage our own national network of courthouse researchers, and our mail house has the capacity to mail up to 1.5 million letters a week. We also have our own call center and experts to generate quality internet leads. Other companies get their leads from subcontractors who sell the same leads to multiple agents and won't help you if you have problems with your leads. But we take responsibility for every part of the lead generation process and will assist you with leads when you need help.

Our Lead Performance Team is constantly discovering new ways to generate leads and distribute the most up-to-date information to our agents. Some companies only find one way to generate leads and stick with it, while their agents hunt through 30 or more old leads and compete against each other just to make one sale. These companies sell their leads for a lower price, but the agents waste valuable time searching through poor quality leads and making very few sales. Our agents spend more time being productive by making a higher income with fewer calls.

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At The Alliance, we strive to provide our agents with quality leads so they can close sales and reach their full potential. We are the nation's largest and most prosperous association of agents and agencies because we care about the success of our agents.

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Clay Mertes

Clay Mertes

Lead Team

Lead Performance Team

Top: Evan Lowdermilk, Clay Mertes.
Bottom: Cadence Dingler, Ashland Davis, Linsey Gable.
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