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About the Lead Perfomance Team

Lead Team Motto: I can do things you can't do; you can do things I can't do; TOGETHER we can do good things!

About the Lead Performance Team

The Lead Performance Team is dedicated to expanding the businesses of our agent force by discovering areas to grow and improve, offering innovative tools, as well as offering training and support. We always strive to help National Agents Alliance agents in any way that we can, whether it is creating and distributing leads, ensuring that agents are aware of available leads, training agents on the Lead System, or simply answering their questions.

We handle leads from start to finish. That means that we work with everything from data collection, to lead generation, to distribution and the OASys System. Because the Lead System can be difficult to understand, we offer two classes to allow our agents to gain an in-depth understanding of how it works and how our team works to help agents get the most out of their business.

The first thing that you should do to get connected with the LPT is schedule a time for a FREE lead consult at lpt.simplybook.me that shows you the ins and outs of purchasing leads and managing them on your "My Leads" page.

For more information please feel free to book an appoitment here.

About OASys

OASys is NAA's online lead allocation system where you can purchase leads and manage billing and invoices. The Lead Performance Team teaches agents how to use OASys and answer any questions they may have.

If you set up a GMR, you will receive leads automatically each week for a specific geographical area. GMR leads come at a discounted price, allowing you to maximize your lead investment. You can get GMRs for one county or multiple counties.

You can also view leads for a specific geographic area and purchase leads directly from the OASys website. These leads are called Instant Purchase leads. OASys makes it easy for agents to see what areas' leads are available.

For more information please feel free to book an appoitment here, or view our training webinar, here.

Ashland Davis

Ashland Davis

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Lead Performance Team

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